Q: What are the requirements for the computer unit (PC/MAC) should I meet?

Your computer must meet the following system requirements in order to run the Virtual Classroom software:

  • Windows XP (w/Service Pack 3), Vista (w/Service Pack 2), or Windows 7 (w/Service pack 1)
  • 8.0 GB of system memory (RAM)
  • Single Core Processor at 2.4 GHz
  • At least DSL internet connection
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 or higher

Q: What are the available time slot for the online tutorial facility?

Dr Tutor is available any time, everyday, even on weekends and holidays. Please contact Dr Tutor for available time slots.

Q: What subjects can I enroll in?

We offer tutorial services including math, science, and english. Dr Tutor tutors can teach you from the subject fundamentals to exam preparations. Please visit our website or contact Dr Tutor for subject in which tutoing is available.

Q: How can I reserve a slot for my tutorial session?

You will need to contact Dr tutor to permanently reserve your timeslot.

Q: Do I undergo written examinations?

We don’t offer written examinations however, we periodically test the student to ensure that the student is progressing through the program.